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Container Blocking & Bracing 

Utilizing custom designed blocking and bracing our experienced staff can prevent moving or shifting of oversize machinery, vehicles, copiers, or other equipment inside a container during handling and transport

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Water Vapor Barrier Protection

Also known as Method II, Vapor Packing 

Protection will protect your equipment or machinery from corrosion or moisture damage; this is accomplished by fully enclosing the item being packaged in a foil barrier material. Inside the package a clay or silica gel is added in sufficient amounts to absorb moisture within the bag and maintaining a twenty to thirty percent relative humidity. Forty percent or more is the start point of corrosion.

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Shrink Wrap Packing

When export boxing is not necessary and  surface protection against scratches, dirt and grime is the major concerns, Shrink Packing is an option that provides a form-fitting barrier that resist wind, rain, dust, dirt and other elements that may affect your Cargo, Boats, Engines, Aircraft Parts or any large size objects.

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Foam in Place Packing

This is the ultimate way to package delicate items such as glass, aircraft arts, electronics, furniture, antiques and much more. This high quality polyurethane foam cushion protects your products from shock & vibration  during shipping and handling.