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Packing and Crating Services

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Reusable Crates

Empacol designs and builds quality reusable Crates which provide a secure, traveling Case for your product while being transported throughout the World. These crates are built to withstand the abuses subjected to during transportation.

We use quality turnbuckle locking -mechanisms and build ramps into the system to ease loading and unloading.

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On Site Packaging

Empacol Packing and Crating provides local On Site Packaging.  Our On Site packaging crews are available for any project.  Each crew is equipped with all the necessary materials and tools to complete the packaging job on location. Crating construction can be completed prior to the job date and assembled on location at your convenience.

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Shock & Vibration Protection

Shock is defined as single pulse event such as dropping a package onto a  concrete floor.  Vibration is defined as a continuous sine-wave motion subjecting a product to varying  G-Loads.

The best protection for sensitive equipment during regular or rough handling is made  with soft materials such as Styrofoam, Poly-Foams and expanded Polyester Urethane.

All of these products available at Empacol Inc.

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Export Crating

Empacol manufactures a wide variety of custom crates and skids for air freight, container freight and breakbulk shipments. Whether you need boxing for a small shipment or a large one, Empacol will handle your material with great care. We use a wide range of packaging materials to protect your product from the hazards of overseas shipping.